Due to a health condition, I am not able to see clients at present. At this point it looks like I will not be returning to practicing massage. If my condition improves enough, I am hoping to be able to return to practicing craniosacral therapy and energy healing. I will both notify clients via my email newsletter and update my website when I am able to start doing sessions again.

Thankfully, there are lots of excellent practitioners in the Davis area, so in the meantime, I recommend contacting the following practitioners for care. While I have labeled the general types of massage, bodywork, and energywork that they practice, it is a good idea to read their websites or call and talk to them to see who is the best fit for you.

Note that the list is not alphabetized or ranked (I recommend all these practitioners highly), rather it progresses from practitioners who work more gently/subtly to those who work more intensely/physically.

Sandra Dolber-Smith
Craniosacral therapy and reiki therapy
​(530) 758-1360​

Sarah Simmons
Rosen method (combines massage, energywork and has a strong talking/feedback component)

Elizabeth Bowen
Swedish massage, craniosacral balancing, reiki, oncology massage, prenatal massage (can blend massage and craniosacral/energywork)
Elizabeth's Website

Rowan Boswell
Swedish massage, neuromuscular therapy, thai massage
Davis Holistic Health Center
Rowan's Website
(530) 341-3239

Tom Richards 
Rolfing (myofascial massage in a ten-session format), movement training
Davis Holistic Health Center
(510) 759-2047

Erick Jimenez
Trigger point therapy, deep tissue, sports massage
Davis Holistic Health Center

Iris Leutenegger
Deep tissue, sports massage, Swedish massage
Serenity Wellness and Massage
(707) 344 - 1559


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