Notice:  Due to a health condition, I am not able to see clients at present. At this point it looks like I will not be returning to practicing massage. If my condition improves enough, I am hoping to be able to return to practicing craniosacral therapy and energy healing. I will both notify clients via my email newsletter and update my website when I am able to start doing sessions again. Thankfully, there are lots of excellent practitioners in the Davis area, so in the meantime, I recommend this list of practitioners for care. Thank you for your understanding.

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"When the abandonment to gravity comes into action, resistance ceases, fear vanishes, order is regained, nature starts again to function in its natural rhythm and the body is able to blossom fully, allowing the river of life to flow freely through all its parts."

-Vanda Scaravelli

I practice energy-active bodywork, using techniques of integrative massage* and craniosacral balancing. I also work with mothers-to-be through prenatal massage. In all my work, I bring a deep listening quality as the guiding force of each session. By listening to the body, I am led into areas that are restricted or asking for attention, and with attention and skilled, compassionate touch, I support the natural healing processes of the body to relax, unwind, and release tension and stored emotions, bringing greater ease and balance. I find great fulfillment in partnering with others to bring their awareness to sensing and feeling their bodies and emotions, and to cultivating a deeper connection to their whole being.

*I have a background in Swedish massage, especially using long, flowing strokes, trigger point therapy, myofascial therapy, and gentle stretching, along with more subtle structural and energetic work.

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