Gift Certificates

Notice:  Due to a health concern, I am not able to see clients at present. I will both notify current clients and update my website when I am able to start doing sessions again. Thankfully, there are lots of excellent practitioners in the Davis area, so in the meantime, I recommend this list of practitioners for care. 

Note: If you have a gift certificate to come see me, I do intend to return to practice, but am unsure as of when I will be able to. I expect I will have a better idea of this come mid-January. If you aren't itching to have sessions right away, you might wait for an update. If you are looking to have your session sometime soon though, I can see if one of the practitioners I've listed would be okay accepting the certificate (i.e. with their approval, you go see them instead and I pay them for the session). If you have a gift certificate and are interested in using it promptly, please contact me directly (, 443-418-6562) and indicate your preferred practitioner(s) on my list of referrals so we can arrange something. Thanks for your patience and understanding. 


Buy A Gift Certificate

Gift certificates are a wonderful way to share bodywork with friends and loved ones. You can purchase gift certificates online, and the certificate will be emailed either to you or directly to the recipient. Either way, please be sure to give the recipient the redemption code to bring to his or her appointment. 

It is best to give someone a gift certificate or card ahead of time, and allow him or her to choose an appointment time rather than bringing him or her in as a surprise. Knowing beforehand helps him or her to choose a beneficial time, and to feel prepared to receive a massage, and thus able to relax more fully. 


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