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Bonnie Veblen

Happy to be a relatively new resident of the west coast, I am originally from Maryland. I received my massage training in Asheville, NC at the Center for Massage and Natural Health, and my craniosacral balancing training in Davis, CA at the Massage Therapy Institute. 

I came to massage and bodywork through my own healing process with neck and back pain. After only a few sessions, I was amazed and intruigued by how effective massage was - not only at reducing pain and tension, but also in helping me feel more connected to myself. Massage helped me be more aware of my body, emotions, and thoughts, and how they interrelate and change together. I have practiced meditation and yoga for over ten years, and found that those coupled with massage especially supported this sense of awareness and engagement. I began learning more and doing self-massage, and after I finished a yoga teacher training program, I went to school for massage. I continue to be fascinated by my own process of understanding and relating to my body, heart-mind, and the world, and feel deep gratitude at being able to be present for others as they engage more deeply with their own lives. 

When I am not giving bodywork, I am often found practicing meditation and yoga, dancing, rock climbing, or spending time outside writing and making artwork. 

Bonnie Veblen
Certified Massage Therapist #55785


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